flo3-350q60After improving skills in pure lightpainting-photography for years, Florian Krause got inspired 2009 at the „Meeting of Styles“ event in his hometown Wiesbaden, Germany, to combine his lightart with the art on walls. Right away he got addicted to it. Since that moment he`s pushing the level and became a perfectionist for every single exposure.
His passion for graffiti and streetart lead him to various countries finding new spots and new artists. During the last years his pictures were published in various books and magazines. As long as there are new inspiring walls, he will go on documenting this vanishing artform at its best. He`s respected by the scene for innovate an unique photography-style.

During longtime exposure Florian Krause uses different lightsources as brushes to illuminate the painting on the wall. Then he lights-up the ground to create the illusion as if the artwork itself shines. So he compliments the piece giving it a truly magical touch. These pictures are not visible in real, they are created by the camera, capturing and freezing each lightray.
To him, photography is the closest thing to bring streetart into the gallery.

Born 1977 Hamburg
1999-2003 – Study „Communication-Design“, Focus on photography and video
2004-2007 – Freelance Cameraassistant
Since 2008 – Freelance Cameraman
2009 – Start with lightbrushing technique

2001 – 1. price international photography award „Agfa Young Creatives“, Antwerp
2010 – Group exhibition „lightart“, Kunstverein Bahner, Neuenburg
2011 – Group exhibition „light“ QQArt Galerie, Hilden
2012 – Exhibition „Urban Highlights“ Kontext, Wiesbaden
2013 – Group exhibition NAME Gallery, Amsterdam Link
2014 – presented at STROKE Artfair Munich by UrbanArtNOW
2014 – Exhibition „NEON“ together with BOND TRULUV at NAME gallery , Amsterdam Link
2015 – presented at STROKE Artfair Munich by UrbanArtNOW  Link
2015 – gallery exposition within “festival of light”, Lyon, France
2015 – Solo exhibition Heerlen, Netherland, curated by “heerlenmurals”
2016 – expo at “Luminale” lightfestival at Naxoshalle/Franckfort, opening march 13, 19:00

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