Behind the scenes – Dronelighting

Bitten by evil moskitos, „Do you know vlog“ cameraman Leon Spanier accompanied me while shooting a beautiful tree.


5minutes episode

Thanx to Red Tower Films for editing this nice video. Was quite an adventure in the middle of nowhere together with graffiti artists Nats, Raws ,Skenar73 and Stereoheat.



Making of Case / HERAKUT

Lightbrush Photography from Florian Krause on Vimeo.

Making of Video shot in Bad Vilbel, Germany . Wallpainting by Case and Herakut.


Making of Rake-Case-Kent

Making of Rake-Case-Kent from Florian Krause on Vimeo.

Making of video shot in Franckfort, Germany in front of the European Central Bank. Symbolic cockfight by Case MaClaim.